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The Money Hackers: How a group of misfits took on Wall Street & changed finance forever

“The new, young financial technology companies—the “money hackers”— are either revolutionizing the old banking models or demolishing them altogether. Everyone inside the financial services industry will have to adapt—even at the expense of their existing businesses and cultures—or risk being left behind. They can start by reading this book. “

-Peter Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg L.P.
Author The Money Hackers Daniel Simon

A Financial Revolution Led by Technologists, Not Bankers

Author, Daniel P. Simon has watched the fintech revolution as it developed, helping some of its biggest players along the way. In The Money Hackers, Daniel shares the untold stories of the leaders of the fintech revolution.

The Money Hackers

You probably don’t think twice about paying for Starbucks with ApplePay or depositing a check on your bank’s mobile app. But let us not forget the days, ten or 15 years ago, when cash was king and trips to the ATM were as frequent as ones to the grocery store. The rapid evolution of digital transactions over the last decade has been so transformative, it’s almost impossible to remember life without it. Fintech has forever changed our relationship with money and will continue to shape the world’s economy and culture in years to come.

The Money Hackers will help financial insiders as well as curious observers understand fintech—what it is, why it emerged when it did, who some of its players are, and how it will affect our lives in the years to come.

This book will introduce readers to some of fintech’s misfits, their remarkable stories, and their innovations, including:

– Adam Dell, the millionaire playboy whose numerous fintech successes still haven’t gotten him out of the shadow of his brother, Michael Dell.

– Ismail Ahmed, who barely escaped his village in war-torn Somaliland but went on to become the United Nations’ head of remittances, and then created a platform called WorldRemit to improve the lives of immigrants and their families worldwide.

– Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the “Winklevii” twins made famous for their involvement in

the creation of Facebook, who are now deeply involved and invested in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.



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